2. SPRING ROLLS Minced chicken and glass noodles

4. CHICKEN SATAY BBQ chicken scewers with peanute sauce
6. PHAD PHAK RUAM MID Fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce

7. TOD MANN KUNG Fried prawn cakes with vegetables, served with sweet chili sauce
8. LAB TALAY Seafood mixed with dried chili, lime and shallots served with fried noodles
9. SWEET FANTASEA TEMPURA Fried bell pepper slices with prawns and pork served with sweet chili sauce
10. PRAWN COCKTAIL Cooked and peeled prawns, served on a bed of crisp lettuce topped with cocktail sauce
11. GREEN PEPPER FRUIT SALAD Pineapple, apple and green mango mixed salad


12. ‘GREEN PEPPER’ CHEF’S SALAD Mixed tropical fruits with cashew nuts, served with baby prawns, chicken in lime and chili sauce
13. TUNA SALAD Tuna in creamy sauce with egg, onion, sweet corn, tomatoes and green salad
14. SOM TUM TALAY Papaya salad, marinated in lime and chili sauce with seafood

15. CEASAR SALAD Lettuce, bacon, croutons served with parmesan cheese and dressing, add chicken +40B


17. MARGARITA Tomato sauce and cheese

18. CAPRICCIOSA Tomato sauce, cheese, ham and mushroom
19. HAWAIIN Tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple
20. SALAMI Tomato sauce, cheese and salami
21. QUATRO STAGIONI Tomato sauce, cheese, prawns, ham, mushroom and olives
22. HOUSE SPECIAL Tomato sauce, cheese, beef, mushroom, onion and garlic

23. CARBONARA Bacon, mushroom and egg in creamy sauce

24 BOLOGNESE Minced beef and onions in tomato sauce
25. MARINARA Prawns, fi sh and squid in tomato and basil sauce
26. KEE MAO Stir fried seafood and pork with chili and sweet basil


27. SWEDISH MEATBALLS Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries

28. PYTTIPANNA (SWEDISH HASH) Diced pan fried beef, bacon, onions and potatoes served with egg and pickeled beetroots
29. FISH & CHIPS Battered fish of the day with french fries and tartare sauce

30. CLUB SANDWICH Toasted bread with chicken, bacon, egg, tomatoes and salad, served with french fries

31. `GREEN PEPPER´ BURGER Homemade beef burger with bacon, cheese, salad and dressing, served with french fries
32. `GREEN PEPPER´ SCHNITZEL Lime slices, capers, anchovies, tartare sauce with french fries or mashed potatoes

33. BEEF STEAK Served with seasonal vegetables, mushroom or pepper sauce and your choice of potatoes

34. PORK STEAK Served with seasonal vegetables, mushroom or pepper sauce and your choice of potatoes 
35. FISH STEAK Served with seasonal vegetables, tartare sauce and your choice of potatoes


36. KHAO PAD Fried rice with pork, chicken, prawns or seafood

37. KHAO PAD SAPPAROT Fried rice served in a pineapple, chicken, pork or prawns
38. PAD THAI Fried noodles with chicken, pork or prawns, served with peanuts and chili

39. PAD SEE EIEW Fried wide rice noodles with pork, chicken or prawns
40. PAD WOON SEN Fried glass noodles with pork, chicken or prawns


41. PANENG Fried dried curry, with beef, pork or chicken

42. MASSAMAN CURRY Beef, chicken or pork, with potatoes, carrots, onions and roasted peanuts
43. GAENG KIEW WAAN Green curry with chicken or pork
44. GAENG DAENG Red curry with chicken, pork, beef or prawns

45. GAENG KALEE Yellow curry with chicken, pork or prawns

46. TOM YUM ` National soup of Thailand ´ Seafood, chicken or prawns with young chili and lime juice
47. TOM KHA Chicken or seafood in coconut milk soup with lemon grass and galangal


48. PAD KRA PRAO Minced chicken or pork with vegetables and thai basil

49. PAD CHA Spicy seafood with herbs
50. CHICKEN CASHEW NUTS Chicken, cashew nuts and vegetables in oyster sauce
51. PAD PED Dry red curry with Chicken, pork or prawns and vegetables


52. PLA NUNG MANAO Steamed fi sh in fresh lime juice, garlic and chili

53. PLA SAM RODD Fried fi sh topped with garlic and shallot in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
54. PLA TOD KRATEAM Fried fi sh topped with garlic and pepper sauce
55. PLA TOD NAM PLA Fried fi sh in fi sh sauce topped with spicy mango salad
56. BBQ FISH Grilled seasonal fi sh served with seafood sauce
57. PLA PREAW WAN Fried fi sh served with pineapple and sweet and sour sauce


58. HOT PAN Mixed seafood on a hot pan with vegetables, served with tartare sauce
59. `GREEN PEPPER´ BBQ SEAFOOD PLATTER Mixed seafood served with tartare sauce


60. PAD PRIK THAI DUM Stir fried crab and vegetables in black pepper and oyster sauce
61. PAD PONG KALEE Stir fried crab and vegetables in dry yellow curry


MAKHAM Fried prawns in tamarind sauce with roasted chilis and onions

63. BBQ PRAWNS Grilled prawns served with aioli and seafood sauce
64. KUNG SAM RODD Fried prawns with vegetables topped with sweet, sour and spicy sauce
65. KUNG CHOUP PANG TOD Deep fried prawns served with sweet chili sauce


66. BBQ SQUID Grilled squid served with ailoi and seafood sauce

67. BLACK PEPPER SQUID Fried squid with garlic and black pepper


68. DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM “Thai speciality”, vanilla or chocolate

69. DEEP FRIED BANANA Served with honey or sweetened milk
70. KLADDKAKA `SWEDISH CHOCOLATE CAKE´ Served with vanilla ice cream

71. MANGO WITH STICKY RICE Traditional thai dessert

73. ICE CREAM Choice of the day


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